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For most of you that play Minecraft, you may not be able to relate much to this.
If you play Minecraft Raid servers, then this is for you. Two years ago,
back in the days before old, in 1.5.2, the great faction of Valeria ruled the server of Astro...
A peaceful time....Little to no conflicts and the people lived in peace. For they knew that
Valeria was there to keep them safe. The most revered warriors of the server were
only allowed to be a part of Valeria. That included my brother Dal. His skill in combat
could impress that of Benja and Bacca...During the time of Valeria, my brother made
a faction called "DalNation". A large and powerful faction, which lead many raids, and
conquered its enemies. This caught the attention of leading Valerian members. Such
as Optic (MrOpticPvP) Crazy (CrazyBuilders100) and Mika (Mikashukii).
Mika, seeing his skill in PvP (Player vs Player) immediately made him an offer.
"How would you like to be a part of something great?" he said. Dal, seeing how
powerful the faction was, joined without haste. Giving the faction to a friend Link (DerpyLink).
They dominated......Crushing evil, wherever it could be found. Hundreds of raids, it was glorious...
But, there was talk inside the darkest parts of Valeria. A jealous Optic and Crazy began to notice that Dal
and Mika were gaining power by the day. But they wanted it all for themselves, the power, the respect.
They wanted to be feared! They craved power......So Optic devised a plan. It took 2 months to completely
carry out this plan, they got alternate accounts "RedFlare" and "BlueFlare". Optic told Mika that BlueFlare and
RedFlare were attacking one of their major supply bases to the North. Mika, being the hero he was, immediately rounded of
his troops, and marched their. Crazy had payed off another faction to attack the supply base. To distract Valerian warriors from the true nature of what was going on.
In this time, Optic and Crazy disappeared without a trace. They Tp'd (Teleported) Red and Blue flare to Valeria's massive skybase...
The guards there never stood a chance. Dal was there, and he ran into a watch tower to see what was going on.
They took everything, killed the few guards left, and blew the base to bits. Dal then told Mika of the 2 man invasion of the base.
An infuriated Mika, then lead all members back to the base. When they returned, there was nothing left...Nothing but fire, destruction, and death.
Mika, highly confused, asked Dal what had happened. Dal told them "Red Flare and Blue Flare, they came and wrecked up the place."
At this time, Red and Blue flare (Optic and Crazy) had returned to Optics personal base. Where they put all of the things they stole
in Crazy and Optics personal chests. They then logged off, a few seconds later, Optic and Crazy logged back on.
Mika asked where they went. They only responded by leaving Valeria and creating "Carbon".
The Valerian members were at first confused, they asked them what they were doing. Optic then revealed
what truly happened. Directly after this, Mika declared full out War. At first it seemed that Valeria would
stomp Carbon. But it would soon be revealed that it would not be so easy to smash them. For Optic
had gathered 12 factions to his cause, all of them disbanded and became a part of Carbon. They had in total 60 people.
Valeria only had 20. It was an all out war, many losses to both sides, many bases built and destroyed. But in the end,
Carbon overran Valeria. Forcing them to disband, the surviving members fled the server, or went into hiding.
Dal, refusing to accept defeat, reclaimed ownership of DalNation. It was at this time that I, King Rievous, joined the server.
I had heard of everything before hand, so I was well aware of what was happening. DalNation was at war with Carbon.
I was but a newbie at the time. I was young, I had much to learn. But I was confident that Dal could beat them.
We had 40 members in total, some of them were former Valerian members. We lead many assaults against them.
As did they to us. But we suddenly had hope. For Dal and one of our good friends, Jordan (MC_Finest_Jordan)
found Carbons main base. They then lead a two man army to destroy it. Dal and Jordan built Hybrid TNT cannons (Which are easy to build in Minecraft)
and brought devastation to Carbon. When Crazy logged back on, he found his base, and his men destroyed. Crazy then let out a fit of rage, swearing vengeance against DalNation.
Two weeks later, Crazy fulfilled his promise against us. He found our base in the Nether, and destroyed it. I was inside at the time.....I escaped with my life....Others were not so lucky. I fled to our emergency bunker and so did our other members. It was at this time that Dal was finally defeated. he left the server to perfect his PvP skills.
I, at the time did not know his reason for leaving, so I accused him of being a deserter. I then declared Full out War on Carbon. It was a cease fire at the time before Dal and Jordan attacked Carbon. Thus, the Great War of Astro began. Every faction was at war. Some sided with Carbon for financial "Benefits". Others were wise enough to join me.
The war lasted 2 full years. Nearing the end of the war, I found Optics final base. I prepared what people were left on Astro, and lead a final desperate attack.
I was a fool to attack that base. It was a trap, a decoy, a ruse! As soon as we step foot in that base, all 30 of my men were ambushed by Carbon members....all 60 of them....
The battle lasted a good 10 minutes, but ultimately....DalNation was defeated.....It was at this time that Hope was lost for the free peoples of Astro....For carbon had taken over...The great depression of Astro had begun.....The War caused much damage....Players, knowing that Optic and Crazy would eventually come for them, fled the server.
Of course, we lost many players during the great war. With everyone leaving the server, people started to realize that Astro was dying. I of course did not want this to happen,
but Optic and Crazy kept killing everything. Even Carbons once mighty army left the server. As did mine.....The server, which once had hundreds of players, now only had 3...
Me, Crazy, and Optic. We never spoke...Ever.....One day, when I was farming, I noticed in the chat "Well King, we'll see ya later." and both of them left at once. I was the only one left on Astro, even the Owners and Mods left. It was just me, I was close to leaving myself, but I kept my hope. I kept telling myself that "One day, Astro will return to greatness!".....I was loosing hope though......Until I started to spread the word of Astro across the Web. I found former players, and invited them back. I told them that I was the only one left. So I manged to muster 5 people to get back on. It was like this for many months....Until one day, Mika himself returned to the server. We were of course ecstatic
to see him. He greeted us and we talked for a few hours. He then revealed to us that "The server will rise again! Have hope for the future." This gave all of us hope,
it was later that week that an old Carbonize general "MrVenomPvP" or Venom for short, came back. We greeted him, as did he to us. The war was over, so we
saw no reason to argue. He then created a faction called "Pirates" as a joke. We of course joined him, and we "Sailed the seven seas! ARGH!" It was fun at first.
But out of nowhere, 2 new people had joined. We greeted them, and they told us that they were survivors of the great war. They were but farmers trying to make a living.
Those survivors were "FloraTheCute" (Flora) and "GERMFREELAB" (Germ). They had a faction called Glow4Life back during the war....
They joined Pirates, and we began to gain power. It was at this time that my brother Dal had returned to Astro. We were so happy to see him. He joined us, and we continued on.
A month Later Optic returned......At first, there were no words for him....Nobody even spoke to him....Until he spoke to us.
"Wow, 6 players? That's more then we've had in years!" We of course responded with hostility, a small argument ensued. But after that, there was silence.
Venom, being good friends with Optic, invited him to Pirates. We were not happy.....Optic joined, and we were at "peace." Later, more and more people
returned to Astro, life, was slowly but surely returning to Astro. Optic and his tyrannical ways, left Pirates, and created UTL. (Un Told Legends.)
He then attempted to raid Pirates, but Venom and Dal stopped him. His faction grew in power, as did ours. War was once again declared. A small war, but still a war.
We won a few battles, as did he. But in the end, Optic forced Venom to surrender and disband Pirates. He thought he had won....Until Potential was formed.
Venom had created it. Optic (Getting fed up with our rebellion) attempted to raid us time and time again, but he was loosing his touch. Finally, Dals personal
base (In the End) came under attack by Optic and UTL ground forces. Dal and Sickman (My best friend on Astro) defeated Optic. He was killed, and so were his men.
Optic (Seemingly not able to handle defeat.) flipped out. He then attacked multiple targets, and we fended him off. There were multiple updates during the two year time span, but the most recent one was 1.8. It was in the 1.8 announcement that the Server owners made a statement saying "We are going to make a grand return!"
The owners are Monerazz, and Mullaman. (Mon and Mulla.) We were at the brim of a full out war when the 1.8 update was announced.
We then settled our differences and awaited the return of the owners. More news was announced that the new Head Administrator would be Mika.
New Mods were announced as well. (Venom was a Trial Mod at this time.) Sick, Dal and Optic were the new Mods. Then, it happened....1.8.....The thing we were all waiting for...
It was beautiful......So many new players had joined. We still may not have as many players as we did before, but it was a start. After a few weeks, Optic reformed Carbon,
and Venom created the "Olympian Empire" a fierce faction of warriors, and brutes. We were the new Valeria. Sworn to keep order and peace to the server.
Our leader Venom (Now known as MrSnakePvP) betrayed us to Optic as I always knew he would. So I took control of the Empire. Optic then announced that Crazy was going to return with an army from another server. Carbon attacked multiple factions yesterday........The attacks caused multiple deaths to the Empire and other factions. War, has once again, been declared.....As we await the return of the Dark Lord CrazyBuilders100, we have formed the United Factions of Astro! Optic and Crazy will never again take control of Astro!
So I ask you, reader, will join our cause to rid Astro of Carbon forever? Will you help fight for justice? Or will you fend for Carbon and its quest for power?
Its up to you, here's everything you need to know  Be a part of something great my fellow Minecrafters! Help rebuild what was lost to the ravages of war! Help us to rebuild the server to its former glory! "Ascend to power my friends.......Ascend to power...."


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....The Elder scrolls told of their return...Their defeat, was merely a delay....But no one wanted to believe....Believe they even existed...But when the truth finally dawns.....It dawns in FIRE!!! *bu dun dun du du dun dun duun duun dun du du dun* But, there is one they fear... In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin. DRAGONBORN!!!!


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